Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas Mind is the place for kids and parents to have fun. Kids can Email to Santa Claus to make sure Santa brings them what they wish this Christmas. You do not now how long until Christmas? No problem, Santa has put together a specisl clock to Count Down to Christmas. Just follow the link and you will know exactly when when the time comes. Not sure whether you are on Santa's Nice List? Here is the place to find out immediately. If you are not on the list, find out why. You may still have time to show that you can be nice to your sister and make it on Santa's Nice List for this Christmas.

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You wished you had the chance to see Santa last year? For those of you who where too tired to wait his arrival, Santa was kind enough to post a number of Santa Photos showing Santa's Village Preparing for Christmas, Santa's Village During the Day, Santa's Village at Night, Santa Claus himself, Santa Claus in Santa's Toy Shop, Santa's Helper, Santa's Toy Shop, Rudolph's Christmas Food, Santa with Rudolph the Rein Deer, Santa's Christmas Dining Table. Do not forget to check again later, Santa may post other interesting photos!

Santa really likes Christmas stories. He posted his collection of Christmas Stories for Children right here on this site and hopes you will enjoy a few stories. All you have to do is to follow the link, select a story and print it. This way you can read it with your parents at bedtime.

For those of you inclided to crafts, Santa has put together a list with Christmas Crafts for Kids. Just follw the instructions to have some Christmas fun. If you like coloring pages, Santa has prepared a number of very nice printable Christmas Coloring Pages. All you have to do is to choose the ones you like and print them off. Ask you mommy or daddy if you need help with that naugthy printer. Enjoy!

If you like to sing or listen to songs, Santa has lots of Christmas Songs, Funny Christmas Songs, Christmas Songs Tunes, and Christmas Songs Lyrics to choose from.

Do you what to surprise your grand mother or friends by sending them an electronic Christmas Card? Just follow the Christmas Greetings Ecards link and you will be surprised how easy it is to send one.